Kate Gratson

Singer/songwriter/composer Kate Gratson is an NYC native with a distinct sound marked by lush vocals set against offset rhythms, fused with electronic, soul, r&b, and jazz. As a classically trained musician, Gratson has spent years absorbing the sounds that resonate through her city and conservatory halls.


Trained from an early age as a cellist and vocalist, Gratson was on course to pursue classical music as a career. While in high school, she developed a new source of inspiration in jazz, marking a pivotal moment in her artistic pursuits. In her senior year, Gratson won a songwriting award for her song “Coins'' with the Grammy In the School's foundation. That same year she won a YoungArts regional jazz vocalist award and a spot as a vocalist in the 2013 Grammy Camp-Jazz Ensemble. The Summer following High School, Gratson released her 1st EP Coins, in the crossover jazz category. 


After receiving her Bachelor’s of Music in Music Composition and Vocal Performance in 2017, Gratson returned to NYC. Steeping herself in writing and producing she embarked on a new body of work, finding inspiration in musical greats like Ella Fitzgerald, Joni Mitchell, and Debussy. Gratson fuses these and other historical influences with her lush vocals, poetic lyrical arrangements, and pares them against offset beats, collectively contributing to her signature sound.

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